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Who We Are

Hope Within was co-founded in 2002 by Brian & Donita Sturgis with the dream of providing primary health care to the uninsured low-income residents of Lancaster, Dauphin, and Lebanon Counties.

Our Mission is to share God’s love with people in need through the provision of health care services, dental care, sound counsel and related education.

Our Vision is to be a local community in which:

  • physical, spiritual and emotional needs are met;
  • real hope is prevalent;
  • love for one another abounds; and
  • healthy, wholesome lifestyles are the norm.

What We Do

Hope Within is a free primary medical, dental and extremely low cost counseling center serving the medically uninsured, financially eligible residents of Lancaster, Dauphin & Lebanon Counties in Pennsylvania. 

There are around 90,000+ people without health insurance residing in Lancaster, Lebanon and Dauphin County. Hope Within stands in the gap for these people which include the unemployed, refugees, and those going through tough financial times. Many uninsured people can go for many years with untreated chronic conditions such as hypertension and diabetes resulting in potentially dire consequences. We’re here to make sure they get the care they need.

Hope Within not only provides free primary health care provided by numerous volunteer licensed medical professionals, we also provide basic prescription medications free of charge including insulin and asthma medications.

For Medical & Dental Patients

Prospective medical and dental patients can determine if they are eligible for our services by completing the online application.  

For Counseling Patients

There are no formal eligibility requirements for counseling services, but a small fee, determined on a case-by-case basis will apply.

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